servicesFor any cleaning problem, whether it be big or small, Skippy Cleaners will always provide the BEST and AFFORDABLE solution for you.

We provide a wide array of cleaning services, from residential carpet cleaning to commercial carpet cleaning, we know that we are the ONLY one who could help you.

Our staff and crew are a team of high qualified and extensively trained professionals that would bring excellent result-oriented and customer-satisfaction oriented service to you.

Whatever needs cleaning, Skippy Cleaners is the name you could trust.



Commercial Services

Customer satisfaction is greatly affected by the performance of our employees. Employee relations is greatly affected by the working environment he or she is in. It is important that the environment should be clean and conducive to production.

We at Skippy Cleaners realize the importance of your business. We make it easy for you and your workers to achieve a clean and spotless working environment. With our top of the line equipments and experienced crew, you are sure to impress your employees and most importantly your customers! .:Read More


Residential Services

Tired of cleaning? Moving into a new home? Redecorating? Expecting a special visitor? Getting ready for a special event? Whatever your home needs, we at Skippy Cleaners will provide you the BEST service you could ever get!

We are Skippy Cleaners will take care of both you and your home. We’ll make your carpets clean like new, making sure that you and your family is safe from these diseases.

We value our job as much as we value you and your family!.:Read More  


House Cleaning

Preparing for that special occasion? Got that wall stain you just can’t get rid off? Or is your bathroom too filthy to use? Do you notice that your home is simply not what it used to be? Or simply to busy to clean your home? Have no fear, Skippy Cleaners is here to help you with your every need.

We have the equipments to make sure that your home is spotless and almost brand new! Our trained professionals will never back down on any challenges, we’ll clean every corner and every nook of your home!

Once we are finished, you will know that your home have never been that clean and fresh until we came! .:Read More  


Upholstery Cleaning

Do you remember how much you spent for that exquisite arm chair? Or that charming Dining table and chairs? What about that romantic love seat? Or that cozy sofa that you just can’t wait to sink into?

We at Skippy Cleaners mastered the art of upholstery cleaning. We identify the fabric type or the wood type of your furniture and we give it the best cleaning methods need to give it that long-lasting life we promised. .:Read More  


Floor Cleaning

Floor surfaces vary from wood to marble to tile. Each surface has a unique treatment needed to make it last longer.

We at Skippy Cleaners know exactly how to solve your floor problems!

WE can do something about it! Whatever floor surface you have, we have the equipment and training to treat them according to your needs. .:Read More  


Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile is most often used in the kitchen or bathroom. Some are used as floor surfaces. Whatever way you use your ceramic tile, one thing is for sure, it will crack in time and it will accumulate grout or dirt between those tile gaps and cracks.

That’s why, Skippy Cleaners specializes in thorough cleaning and protection and restoration of your ceramic tiles!.:Read More

area rugs

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rugs are fabulous addition to any room. They not only add an area of interest but they also help protect your floor and give style to any room. But they are also the ones that take the most beating out of dirt, dust, spills and abuse!

Skippy Cleaners can help you take care of them. Keep them clean and they’ll last forever.

Protect your rugs, call us and you’ll have a longer time remembering those wonderful moments! .:Read More 

carpet repair

Carpet Repairs

From the smallest repair to the largest repair job, Skippy Cleaners is up for the challenge.

We’ll restore your carpet back to it’s original condition. We’ll restretch it and restore it and you will forget it need repair in the first place!

A job well done, that is Skippy Cleaner’s promise to you! .:Read More