commercialTired of cleaning? Moving into a new home? Redecorating? Expecting a special visitor? Getting ready for a special event? Whatever your home needs, we at Skippy Cleaners will provide you the BEST service you could ever get!

We value our home as much as we value ourselves, but more often than not, we forget that our home also needs to be taken care of. Carpets are usually the most neglected area of our home, but it is also the single thing that covers the most space.

Carpets are prone to get dirty, because of pets, or the dust, mud or maybe spilled dinner or juice? Carpets are prone to these accidents and once our carpets become dirty, it leaves an awful stain or worse it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

We are Skippy Cleaners will take care of both you and your home. We’ll make your carpets clean like new, making sure that you and your family is safe from these diseases.

We value our job as much as we value you and your family!

• We Provide


For SUPERIOR Cleaning Results on your carpets, tiles and grouts try Skippy Cleaners!

We Are
• Fast

• Effective
• Affordable
• Honest

• Our Residential Services Include:

• Carpet shampooing
• Floors mopped & vacuumed
• Kitchen sanitation
• Refrigerator Cleaning
• Stove & Oven Cleaning
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Ventilation grills cleaned
• Door Jams fixed


• Ledges & sills cleaned
• Window Cleaning
• Bathroom Cleaning
• Pet Stain Removal
• Odor Removal
• Spot Removal
• Carpet Protector
AND a LOT more!!!!

Contact us or schedule a visit and we’ll take care of your needs!!!