floorFloor surfaces vary from wood to marble to tile. Each surface has a unique treatment needed to make it last longer.

Wood floors are exquisite to look at. It’s warm and cozy. A beautiful wood floor can be the focal point of a room. But repeated use and abuse can affect the beauty of any surface. Wood floors are prone to stains and muds and scratches. In years or even months of neglect, a wood floor could lose it’s appeal and warmth. Unless you do something about it.

A marble floor is an impressive surface, specially when kept clean and shiny. Over years, however, a marble flooring could lose it’s luster and leave you with nothing but a forlorn looking stone floor. It loses it’s elegance and glamour. Unless you do something about it.

Tile floors are cozy and pretty. They provide great character to a room. However, tile floors are prone to cracks and dirts between tile gaps. And in time, a charming tile floor could become a desolate looking floor. Unless you do something about it.

We at Skippy Cleaners know exactly how to solve your floor problems! WE can do something about it! Whatever floor surface you have, we have the equipment and training to treat them according to your needs.

• Our Wood Floor Cleaning Services include:

• Staining
• Bleaching
• Polishing
• Waxing

• Sealing
• Top-quality polyurethane protection
• State-of-the-art, low-impact sanding equipment used
AND a LOT more!!!!

• Some of the special methods we use to clean marble floors include:

• Diamond Pad Method
• High Speed Chemical Polishing


• Hot Water Extraction
AND a LOT more!!!!

Contact us or schedule a visit and we’ll make your office spotless!