residentialCeramic Tile is most often used in the kitchen or bathroom. Some are used as floor surfaces. Whatever way you use your ceramic tile, one thing is for sure, it will crack in time and it will accumulate grout or dirt between those tile gaps and cracks.

A once pristine kitchen or bathroom can be filled with filth if not taken care of.

That’s why, Skippy Cleaners specializes in thorough cleaning and protection and restoration of your ceramic tiles!


• our services include:



• Professional-grade cleaning, unique to tile type
• Residue removal without tile damage
• Tiles Replaced (if available)
• Cracks Filled
• Special Care and preservation of any type of tile
• Alkaline pre-conditioner for oil base soil
• Acid pre-conditioner for water base soil
• High pressure rinse
• Speed Dry
• Oil Base Grout Sealer
• Colored Grout Sealer
AND a LOT more!!!!

Contact us or schedule a visit and we’ll make your office spotless!